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Play the Google Blame Game

Whenever Google is caught doing something dubious, even “evil,” its response is always the same: It’s someone else’s fault.

The alleged source of Google’s troubles has changed over the years. When journalists or regulators have raised questions about its conduct, Google has pointed at different times to Microsoft, Apple, Rupert Murdoch, Viacom, Oracle, Fox, AT&T, MPAA, NBC Universal, publishers, competitors, comparison shopping sites, “some existing providers,” “a small number of websites”—even “an anti-Google Industrial Complex.”

After a certain age, everyone, even multinational corporations, has to start taking responsibility for their actions. So, in honor of Google’s 21st birthday a few weeks ago, we pulled together a sampling of the company’s attempts to blame someone else for its questionable conduct. Because it’s Google, we’ve turned it into a Google Doodle for the occasion.


Who is Google pointing the finger at today?